Mesopotamia had an overall climate for all seasons was extremely hot, but also very humid. The summer, had tempatures that rose over 110 degrees. The winter, was still pretty hot and just under 90 degrees. The spring, was around 95 degrees. In the fall, the weather was almost 100 degrees. Mesopotamians believed that they had mercy towards their hostile climate with anger over the irrational gods. They believed this becuase they had seasonal flooding. 


              Overall, houses in Mesopotamia were generally poor. Although Mesopotamia was mostly poor. If You were rich , then you would have a very big house. If you were poor, yoiu had a very small house. Houses were situated around the ziggurat. A ziggurat is a religious place that people worship gods.Most people built their homes with sun-dried bricks. The people adapted and made court yards for all homes. The courtyards were used to grow plants and crop. It was very easy to grow plants because they had a great amount of water and sun. Their houses were located around the ziggurat. They were also housed with other people with the same jobs. For instance the weivers, lived with other weivers or the artists lived with other artists.


           Mesopotamia had good food production.They had many natural resources.The water that the river provided them with was teaded for timber, wine, and metals.They traded fruit for textiles and oils.They traded plants that grew beside the river for other foods.Merchants used serveal different ideas for transporting goods.For example,grain was bulky and was best transported by boat.Precious stones were small so they were transported by foot or by donkey.


            Mesopotamia's irrigation system was big!!It held alot of water.This helped with the crops that were grew by the side of the rivers.The MAJOR landforms were the ziggurats, rivers, cities,irrigation systems, and the roads.The 2 rivers that were on the side of the civilization was the Tigris River and the Euprates River. Other landforms were The Dead Sea, Mediterrianean Sea, The Fertile Crescent, The Persian Gulf, and The Caspian Sea. The people made canals, they also made a dam that stopped the water from the canal from destroying the civilization.  


       The rivers provided natural resource of water and attrated many sources of food.Clay was next to the river which was made into pots.They made canals for the water to come to come to them.The advantage of their envoirment was that , their was that 2 plants, wheat and barley.These plants were very important because the farmers havested these crops, but eveybody wanted them. They would kill non-citizens if they didnt have any worth or if they wouldnt be noticed. Also, they would loot the non-citizens and take all their belongings