Developing Cities

Open these documents to learn all about this ancient civilization's cities!

Q1.pdf (70,5 kB)    Timeline of study.

Q2.pdf (157,6 kB)    Why were cities formed?
Q3.pdf (68,2 kB)    What makes a city?
Q4.pdf (162,4 kB)   Explain the human/enviornment interaction in the city.
Q5.pdf (62,1 kB)    How did people come and go?
Q6.pdf (61,2 kB)    Why would people want to be part of a city?
Q7.pdf (59,6 kB)    How did religion affect government formation?
Q8.pdf (17 kB)    What is the governments role in the development of written language? 
Q9.pdf (145,8 kB)    Why must laws be created?

(C) Kim Wong, Hannah Seiler, Jose Bojorquez, Daniel Gyorffy