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Map of Egypt


1.The Nile River-The egyptians used the Nile to farm and irrigate the land near the Nile River.They farmed by the Nile because it provided the nutrience for the land.

2. Lake Nasser-The Egyptains used the lake the same way they used the Nile. So, Lake Nasser was used for farming and irrigation.

3. Libyan Desert-They used the desert as a source of food. The tree that they could find was full of dates, that were used as many other things.

4. Sahara Desert- The egyptians used the Sahara Desert for the animals. They used the skin and meat of the animals.

5. Nubian Desert- The egyptains used the Nubian desert same as the Sahara and Libyan Desert.


Summer- In the summer it is very dry and the most it could be 95 degrees or higher. They adapted to summer by wearing white clothing that covered the whole body.

Fall-In the fall it is cold and at the most it can be 48 degrees. It always had a nice little breeze, though.

Winter- In the Winter it was suprisingly warm, about 50 or 60 degrees. They stayed inside and wore normal clothing.

Spring- In the Spring they got very little rain. They called Egypt the desert land because they had little or no rain. They stayed inside and collected the rain water.


Imported- pepper, cinnamon, frankinceuse,cattle,tools,ginger,wine,nutsfigs,leopard skin,giraffe tail,monkeys,ivory, cedar,oils

Exported-wheat(natrual),grain(natrual),animals, jewlery,weapons,pottery,limestone,crops(natrual),fish(natrual),linen, bread, papyrus


The houses of Egypt were made of mud bricks. After the annual flood there was a ton of mud, so they made mud bricks. The brick makers used wooden molds to make the bricks. The mud helped helped keep out the sun's rays in Egypt. Plus, the mud would help them stay cool.


How they support their citizens-The Egyptains were treated poorly. They were not supported at all. and they had very rough rules.

How they support their non-citizens-The non-citizens were treated way better than the citizens. But they still had to follow the rules.


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