Besides the Tiber River, Quirvinal, Viminal, Esquiline, Caelian, Averline, Palatine, Capitoline are the seven hills of Rome. They had built their cities on seven hills and near the center of the Italian Peninsula, and used the rivers for water. The Roman invented paved road man-made aqueducts, and he dome used today. They improved concrete, baths, and plumbing systems. They also invente the calender. Also they made the candle, domes, bricks, etc.




Spring and Autumn were mild to warm. Summers were usually hot, dry, uncomfortable days, around the 80's and 90's. Winters were usually pretty cold,usually around 50's and 60's. When it rained, the people would open holes through the roof to help them collect water. They would predict the weather according to the stars, and to figure out what they needed to do. The bad weather would cause the volcano to erupt! The days would become cold after dark.



Goods were continually transported through the Roman Empire. The empire cost a vast sum of money to run and trade.There were sea routes that covered the Medditeranian Sea. They would usually trade things such as tin, gold, olive oil, wine, glass ware,iron, coins, silver, jewlery, wool, spices, etc. Trade was vital to the Romans, this is because their population was over 1,000,000. They mainly traded with China and Egypt. After a while the tradeing routes collapsed.



The houses were very well built. The insides of the houses symbolized how wealthy or unwealthy they were. The poor people usually lived in flats. They made holes in theor roof for collecting water. They existed all throughout the Roman Empire.



They built dams and resevors for irragation. Used a simple soil to break through the fields. They would grow things like wheat and olives. The Romans who owned the most land were more important to the city. Soldiers were also very important to the city, farmers were treated as slaves. Farming depended mostly on slave labor. They had even amounts of rain and sun which made it really good to farm in. Lots of vinyards and such were made.

The river was used for transportation and connections through cities. The Tiber River hold money legends. Communication through the cities and toens in Ancient Rome. It was also used to trade goods along the places in Rome.




Ancient Rome is in the middle of this map. The Tiber River is the black line next to Rome.

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