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Part 1

There are several types of landforms in the continent of Europe, where The Reformation occured. Some examples are:

-North European Plains

This land is very fertile and is almost 2,500 miles long.


This plateau almost takes up half of Spain.


These mountains are almost 270 miles long and the highest point is 11,168 feet tall.

-Massif Central

These mountains are about 32,189 square miles and the highest area is Puy de Sancy.

-Bay of Biscay

This bay gets up to 15,525 feet deep.

-Scandinavian Shield

This is a granite rock formation that has thounsands of tiny lakes on it.

-Great Hungarian plain

This plain is about 100 meters above sea level and has mountains around it.

-Kjolen Mountians

This mountain runs from parts of Norway to parts of Sweden.

-Verdon Gorge

Is approximatly 25 kilometers long and some parts of the river in it are 700 meters deep.

- Salisbury Plains

This plateau is made of chalk and takes up 300 square miles.


Part 2

Man-made Objects


-Irrigation Systems