12/02/2010 20:49

Part 1

    Peasant homes were made of earth, stone, or wood, depending on which was more plentiful. The middle-class merchants, artisans, law firms, and doctors lived in homes made of wood or wood and stucco. Roofs were made of stale or tile. The houses were also made of bricks.


Part 2

       Many houses during The Reniassance had domes on the top. What they liked to do was mix old Greek designs with modern style and artistic ideas to create a Reniassance style. Common people had houses on roads that weren't paved and were farther away from the center of the city.


Part 3

      Housing showed adaptions to their enviorment by sheltering and protecting them from some severe weather. Some severe weather it sheltered them from was snowy weather, storms, and direct sunlight during the summer months.