Ancient China- Cities

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Ashley Schulz

Taya Brooks

Angelique De Alba

Sarah Weidlein


 Below are the following charts that we were assigned to make.

9- What is the government's role in the development of written language? Ancient China 8.pdf (117,6 kB)

8- How did people come and go? AncientChina6.pdf (487,3 kB) and the less specific part 2.pdf (56,8 kB)

7- Human-Environment Interactions Human Environment Interactions.pdf (702,3 kB)

6- Why were cities formed? Why were cities formed.pdf (840,6 kB) and Part 2.pdf (76,1 kB)

5- What makes a city? AncientChina5.pdf (501,7 kB)

4- Ancient China Timeline AncientChina4.pdf (522,8 kB)

3- Why would people want to be part of a city? AncientChina2.pdf (1 MB)

2- How does religion affect government formation? AncientChina3.pdf (677,7 kB)

1- Why must laws be created? AncientChina1.pdf (838 kB)