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Renaissance and Reformation

02/11/2011 13:50
  2-9 Renaissance and Reformation Made By: Jacquelynn Caruso, Kira Sanford, Kyler Smith, Nick Knaggs  


12/02/2010 21:08
Agriculture took advantage of their environment because new tools made farms land grow, meaning more land and business for them. These were some of the ways agriculture took advantage of their environment.


12/02/2010 20:49
Part 1     Peasant homes were made of earth, stone, or wood, depending on which was more plentiful. The middle-class merchants, artisans, law firms, and doctors lived in homes made of wood or wood and stucco. Roofs were made of stale or tile. The houses were also made...


12/02/2010 16:51
Exports -Natural Resorces         -Spices, Textiles, Grain, Animals, etc. Imports - Basically, farms produced food and water from the river and used the river's wood for shelter, making them warmer. They used cotton and other fabrics for...


12/02/2010 16:42
The Country's overall temperature climate is due to the protection by the mountain ranges from the cold winds from form the north although the temperature in the north can still drop below zero centigrade towards the canter fog is a constant factor in winter, while the winters are mild in the...


12/02/2010 16:04
Part 1 There are several types of landforms in the continent of Europe, where The Reformation occured. Some examples are: -North European Plains This land is very fertile and is almost 2,500 miles long. -Meseta This plateau almost takes up half of Spain. -Pyrenees These mountains are almost 270...

Element of Society

12/02/2010 15:54
The Reniassance lasted 200 years, while the Reformation lasted only 40 years. That's not a long time compared to The Reniassance. The climate in the winter was unbearable. It was so cold, a lot of people got sick. The people living during the Reniassance and Reformation adapted to the land by...
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